Do I have to get a box every month?  

No, not with our 'flexi-wine' set up. Skip a month, pause, there are no hidden fees or contractual obligations so you may cancel or edit your subscription if the time isn’t right for you. 

You will have received a 'reoccurring order purchase' email from your first Wine Haul box. From there click manage subscriptions and select what suits you best. Please contact info@thewinehaul.com if you have any issues.  

What will I get in my box?

You will receive the best experience month on month, it is not just 4 bottles of wine but a box filled with goodies to bring you to the place that month! Action packed and ready to go, let us know how it made you feel!

Can you choose the bottles included in my box? 

The wine is pre-selected, however, you can choose which you prefer. For example if you prefer your box to be more ‘rose dominant’ we can arrange this so you have 2 rose, 1 white and 1 red. This can chop and change each month to suit your requirements.

We're still quite a small business so we're not able to pack custom subscription boxes at the moment! However, any questions or feedback please send us an email to info@thewinehaul.com. 

When will I receive my box? 

If you subscribe before 20th of each month you will receive that months box.The boxes are delivered free within 3-5 working days from payment being received, ready for you to put your feet up and wine down! 


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If there is something we have missed or you would like to ask us, please ping over an email to info@thewinehaul.com and we will be on it straight away!